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Habits Of Successful People

20 Daily Habits of Successful People You Should Take on Today

habits of successful people

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” 

Similar to the way creating a business website can do wonders for a business’s image, daily habits can change your life for the better. That is, by improving your ability to succeed, your mood and your health. 

Like most things in life, daily habits require discipline and commitment. According to a recent study, it takes 18+ days to form a new habit. Ready to go on this journey with full power? Then you won’t want to miss the advice offered below.

Here we’ve listed 20 daily habits of successful people that can help you power your productivity:

Wake up early 

Have a morning workout routine 

Eat a healthy breakfast 


Keep a daily journal 

Practice gratitude 

Choose 3 goals to prioritize daily 

Read up on your industry 

Consume motivational content 

Surround yourself with optimistic people 

Block out time in your calendar 

Pencil in time to relax 

Be more health conscious 

Move your body throughout the day 

Keep your space organized and clean 

Be social more often 

Take time for self-care 

Sleep long enough 

01. Wake up early

A Harvard Business Review study found that “people whose performance peaks in the morning are better positioned for career success.” Starting your day out early allows you to devote more of it to your performance goals, and have more time for a successful routine. This can be a trip to the gym, a daily meditation, a mindful breakfast, or another one of the mentioned daily habits of successful people below. 

02. Have a morning workout routine

To keep your mind active, you’ll need to keep your body active too. The morning is the ultimate time to wake up your muscles, either through some stretching, cardio, or a combination of these. Plus, you might end up ditching that morning cup of coffee when you see how energized this makes you feel.

03. Eat a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of your day. This is the optimal time to consume the most calories too, as you’ll need to stay energized throughout your day. The essential include healthy carbs, proteins, and fats. So make it a priority to not skip this vital meal.

04. Meditate

Meditation is the practice of training your attention and awareness and calming your mind by drawing your focus away from thoughts that cloud your judgement. Even just 10 to 15 minutes each morning can have a huge impact on your day. Like a digital detox, it allows you to step away from the busyness and complexity of life in order to tackle your day with much more ease.  

05. Keep a daily journal

Keeping a journal can easily become a productive habit. It can allow you to slow down and reflect on your day, set up goals for yourself, and grow into a more successful person. One example we’ve tried is ‘morning pages,’ a task from the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. It involves emptying your mind of conscious morning thoughts in three handwritten pages in order to clear it of cluttered thinking and start your day with focus and clarity.

06. Practice gratitude

It’s no secret that happy people are more successful people. And according to a Harvard Medical School study on positive psychology, gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. How do you do it? You can write your graces in a journal, say them aloud, pray, meditate, or choose your own path. There are many ways to do this, and none of them are wrong.

07. Choose three goals to prioritize daily

Oftentimes our to-do lists are often hefty and we end our days feeling unaccomplished, as we’ve never made it to the end with a completed one. If that’s the case for you, try reframing this mentality by just focusing on three of those tasks each day. Then, tackle these items first.

If other tasks come up before you’ve had the chance to complete these, know that sometimes it’s absolutely okay to just say “no.” You only have so much time in a day and you need to focus on getting ahead, rather than dealing with distractions. Consider delegating those less vital tasks to someone else who is able to help in order to improve your productivity. 

08. Read up on your industry

Whether you choose to set up a Google alert for particular keywords, subscribe to a handful of your favorite newsletters, or turn your favorite blog, it’s important to stay in the know. This will allow you to keep up with current and major themes, such as marketing trends, graphic design trends and photography trends.

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